2017 Salerno, Italy

My name is Karen Mills and I was born in Nashville, Tn. I worked in the auto insurance industry for 26 years. I retired early to live in Italy and start a writing career. I wrote a blog while living there called An American in Italy.

I am also the author of The Life I Imagined, My Personal Renaissance in Florence, Italy. The book is a memoir of my first year in Italy when I took a sabbatical from my job to live in another country and learn another language.

Living in another country and learning another language were two of my dreams. While accomplishing those, I learned that dreams are what life is made of and accomplishing those dreams creates a meaningful and fulfilling journey. Interestingly enough, the more you dream, the more dreams come to you. As your life progresses, the direction of your dreams might change and lead you into another world, another adventure, more excitement, and boundless joy. At least, that has been my experience and I want to share the direction of my dreams here in this blog.

You can expect to see articles about my new cultural experiences living in Morocco, tips on travel in a variety of places, recipes, and personal essays as I search, explore, live and dream.

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