Smoothies made with milk and avocado are absolutely delicious. I have to admit, I never thought I would say that. I like milk and I like avocados, but the combination of the two did not sound inviting to me. It took me a long time to try it.

When I did, I immediately loved it! It is smooth and creamy and a touch sweet. It is filling and oh so good for you. Avocados are abundant and inexpensive here in Morocco and you can buy this drink almost everywhere.

According to this Heart Healthy article, avocados have health benefits such as:

1. They are nutritious
2. They contain more potassium than bananas
3. Avocado is Loaded With Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
4. They Are Loaded With Fiber
5. Eating Avocados Can Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
6. People Who Eat Avocados Tend to be Healthier
7. The Fat in Them Can Help You Absorb Nutrients From Plant Foods
8. Avocados Are Loaded With Powerful Antioxidants That Can Protect The Eyes
9. They May Help Prevent Cancer
10. Avocado Extract May Help Relieve Symptoms of Arthritis
11. Eating Avocado May Help You Lose Weight
12. They are Delicious and Easy to Incorporate in The Diet

They are easy to make at home and there are all kinds of recipes on line like this one from MarocMama, another Moroccan blogger.

Try it! I bet you will love it too.



  1. There are several Moroccan foods which might sound unappealing to a Westerner, but are in fact really delicious. Lamb tajine with prunes is a true delicacy. It’s one of my favorites. Another example is a proper traditional bastilla made with pigeon meat. Many people might hesitate to try that but it’s so good. It’s usually only eaten at very special events like weddings or muslim baptisms. The bastillas sold at restaurants almost always use chicken which isn’t the same experience as the authetic pigeon pie.
    Moroccan delicacies like couscous and bastilla are very labor intensive. It takes maybe 5 hours or more to make a proper bastilla.

    About those avocado smoothies, they are indeed delicious, but they are not all that healthy because they usually contain a lot of sugar. I’ve seen the sellers put several teaspoons of sugar into the mix while making them. These are among foods like orange juice , granola bars, or flavored Greek yoghurt which a lot of people think are healthy but are actually not that healthy because the high sugar content outweighs the other benefits. Avocado smoothies are delicious but are best consumed occassionaly and in moderation as a dessert.

  2. On January 19 you wrote a blog posted that is the exactly the same as this one, word for word.
    The title is slightly different but the text is exactly the same. Kinda strange!

    • Karen Mills

      It’s not uncommon for me to repost some of the more popular blogs.

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