Ksar Sghir


Ksar Sghir Archeological Site

I have seen archeological sites all over the world now and I never tire of them. Morocco offers me even more opportunities to learn about these early civilizations. My imagination goes wild at the site of them. Often I wonder if we really have come so far.

Ksar Sghir is located on the Mediterranean Sea at the Strait of Gibraltar just about one hour Northwest of Tangier. It is twelve kilometers from the new Tangier Medport. It is a small town now of about 11,000 inhabitants and the ruins of the fort built around 700 A.D. stands at the edge of the sea.

F ounded first by the Phoenicians., Ksar Sghir means “small castle”. Its primary attraction at the time was a salting mine. The 15th-century fortress whose remains stand there now was built by the Portuguese. Many Moors arrived at this port after they were expelled from Spain during the Christian reconquest.

We traveled there and back by bus and it was a nice little day trip. The beach is nice and there is a small café with tables in the sand. We were there in early May, so not quite tourist or beach season yet.

On the main road, there are many cafés offering charcoal grilled chicken and meats. Choose the type and quantity of meat that you want and they will cook it up for you. That along with a Moroccan salad and some fries make a great meal. Most of the places have tables and chairs outside and the place we ate had a small terrace about the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the day we went the archeological site was already closed. It seems to be open in the mornings only, so we will definitely try again. It’s a nice little break from the city.

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