Happy New Year! Well, another year’s over and a new one’s just begun. Whoops, I borrowed that line from a song. Anyway, it’s true and I’ve been too busy to write! Well, that and my website crashed. So, I’m back on track now and there is so much to tell.

Christmas Day was spent at the lighthouse nearby called Cap Spartel. It was a lovely sunny day and we rode out and had a very nice lunch with a spectacular view of the sea. The day after we departed for Marrakech, my second visit there, but the first with my husband, which made it very different. (more on that later)

Time does have a way of flying by, doesn’t it? I had not realized how full my retirement years would be. When I retired so early (age 52), I wondered how I would fill my time. I was sure there was a lot to the world outside of work but wasn’t sure what all it entailed. Wow, what a truly marvelous wonderful world we live in full of opportunities and possibilities!

New Year’s Eve was quiet having just returned from Marrakech and New Year’s Day busy with a seaside brunch and a movie.

In this new year, my Darija course is going well, and my teaching job is not. After our trip to Marrakech, we hurried to plan our next travel destination, which will be Egypt in late February. This winter, so far in Tangier has been very sunny and very mild. The daytime temperatures are perfectly lovely and the nighttime is nippy.

Our new apartment is bringing us so much joy. It’s sunny and spacious and because we just moved in, uncluttered and new. We’ve enjoyed decorating together more than I ever would have anticipated. It is quiet and peaceful and the other residents who live here respectful and practically invisible.

Happy New Year! I hope you find all the peace, love, and joy that your heart desires.

Stay tuned for all the sites I visited in Marrakech and more!


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