Tangier is full of beautiful park areas. In a city of about 700 thousand people, you can find many green spaces. We live right in the center of the city so it is everything that you would think of. It’s noisy, there is traffic, lots of people, police, ambulances, commercial shopping area, tall buildings, etc. One of my favorite things about Tangier is that even in the middle of the city there is still green. Trees line the streets and you will find grassy areas throughout the city.

One of our favorites is in the Rmilate area.  It is a national park, Parc Perdicaris. Located about 20 minutes outside the city, you instantly feel like you are in another world. You can get there by petite taxi or by grand taxi.

The twenty-minute drive takes you out of town past grand villas and mansions. It’s a lovely route and when you arrive, if it is a weekend, you will see many families enjoying the area.

This road leads to the lighthouse at Cap Spartel and then on to Asilah. The wooded area of the park is 165 acres. The park is named after an American diplomat of Greek origin, Ion Perdicaris. Perdicaris bought the property in 1872 to settle there with his wife. Perdicaris was kidnapped in 1904 and held for ransom. After negotiations, Perdicaris was released and he and his wife and family left Morocco shortly after the incident.

The park has an abundance of fauna and flora species and walking paths for visitors to enjoy. Hundreds of species of birds live there.

Picnic areas and playgrounds and vendors who sell juice at the roadside are all amenities available at the park. There are also camels that you can ride or just take some photos. It’s a fabulous place to take a picnic, especially during the weekdays when it is less crowded.

Camels near Parc Perdicaris
Camels near Parc Perdicaris

The café/ restaurant nearby has some limited food options and is opened from 8 a.m.-12 a.m. during the summer months.

The views of the sea and the shades of green in the forest and the blues in the sea will amaze you. After you visit here it’s only minutes to get to Hercules Caves and Cap Spartel.


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