When we lived in Italy, we had access to public swimming pools as well as private ones. We could go there for a day to cool off and relax. Now that it’s getting warmer in Tangier, we wanted to see what was available. Our first discovery was a huge success.

Camping Miramonte is located in Marshan, not too far from Café Hafa and the Palais Marshan. We took a petit taxi from Centreville for a cost of about $1.50 for both of us. It did take a little while to find someone willing to go there. The hill up is quite steep, scarily so. It’s definitely not walkable for me.

When we arrived at the gate, we paid 100 dhm per person for an entrance ticket That’s equivalent to about $10.20. We arrive at 11:00 a.m. The posted opening time is 10 a.m. It’s a short walk to the pool entrance. There are no changing rooms. This motel and campground pool is simply open to the paying public. You can change in the bathroom, but I recommend putting your suit on under your clothes.

There are tables and chairs around the three different pools, which are free seating. If you want a lounger, you have to see one of the attendants and pay 50 dhm for the chair. They bring out a nice padded cover for it. Believe me; it’s worth the extra expense.

There are three pools. The first round one has a variety of depths starting shallow at the edge and getting deeper towards the fountain in the center. There is a baby pool attached to it. When we arrived, there was a group of children, which I thought might be some type of day camp. There were young adults doing games and organizing them.

The second pool has a diving board and is very deep. The third one is deep and small with a wonderful view of the ocean.
You can’t bring food into the pool area from the outside but they have two restaurants on the premises. One is poolside dining and has pizzas and sandwiches at very reasonable prices.

The other is a nice dining room overlooking the sea. They serve the pizzas and sandwiches, but also fish and tajines and meat. These are a little more costly but still very reasonable. We ordered a fried fish plate for two, a Moroccan salad, two bottles of water and coffee and it was less than 300 dhm ($30). There was a lot of food and it was delicious ad a great value.

Camping Miramonte Pool
Camping Miramonte Pool

The day cost about 600 dhm or $30 each. This is a little pricey for Morocco. However, it is a great relaxing day and a clean, beautiful, and calm atmosphere. We will definitely go back!



  1. Hi Karen, you were right, Hotel Tarik was almost empty. I went there today for a good swim, and there were only about 4 other people in the pool. It was wonderful. The Miramonte pool is nicer, but it gets really crowded in the summer! The good news is that if you go to Miramonte in September, it’s not crowded at all because school is back in session. Last year I went to Miramonte in mid September and practically had the place to myself. They are closed from October to the middle of May, so September is the last time you can swim. Tangier has hardly any good indoor heated pools for winter swimming. There are just a couple and they require a club membership.

    • Karen Mills Reply

      I’m glad you got to try it out. The Rembrandt is nice, but we went on a Saturday, so of course it was crowded. We passed a pool while on the tour bus called La Rose Bleu. It looked nice and is near Socco Alto. I can’t find out any information online, but we might try it out next.

  2. Yes, La Rose Bleu is well known in Tangier. It’s a nightclub/bar with a big swimming pool area. It’s quite nice, but it will probably be crowded just like the Rembrandt or Miramonte. I think Hotel Tarik is not crowded because the hotel is pretty old and it’s quite far from downtown.

    Have you been to M’nar Park? It’s about 20 minutes outside Tangier, past Malabata. Several pools, waterslides, a small ferris wheel, a few rides, karting, and a cafe restaurant with a gorgeous view of Tangier Bay. It’s a pretty cool place.
    As you can imagine, it gets very crowded in the summer time. The cafe alone is worth a visit for the view.

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