Well, dear readers and friends, it’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. My last entry is the joyous occasion of receiving my 10 year Carte de Sejour, which allows me to stay in Morocco legally. I’ve had so many remarkable experiences in this country and in others since then, but why didn’t I write, you ask. Well, I have been writing. I’ve been writing letter after letter to my United States Congressmen.

This is not a political blog and I don’t intend for it to become one. This is a political post, and if you know me, you know my views, so make your decision now to continue reading or not.

I don’t know about you, but every day I am shocked and appalled about what is going on in the United States. From children in cages, people held in crowded and unsanitary facilities, being denied asylum requests at the border, rampant shootings from angry white racist men, and the buffoon in the White House who is an embarrassment to the human race and a large stain on the integrity of the country, I can’t believe what it’s come to.

I’m also amazed at how little it seems to bother my compatriots. Are you all immune, don’t see what’s happening, like it, don’t think you can do anything, are still more concerned about “those emails”, or what? This is a rhetorical question.

Every day, I go onto Face book Messenger and type in Resist. The site responds with a question of whom you want to contact. When you start out, you can put in a phone number or address so that it can identify the correct representatives for your State. The site is easy to use and self-explanatory once you enter it.

Here are some of the letters that I’ve written. The site adds the salutation and address as well as the closing, so this is just the body.

Please do something to eliminate guns in the hands of white racist terrorists and lunatics. Stop the killing and stand up against the racist rhetoric fueling these acts from the White House.

I’ve never been so ashamed of my country. First, it was separating families at the border and now it’s ICE raids leaving children abandoned at school. Please stop this ridiculous pursuit of immigrants in the country and focus on real issues like domestic terrorism.

As our elected officials, you have a responsibility to the nation and to your constituents. Do not go down in history allowing this president to continue to disgrace the country and its people day after day. He has alienated our allies, aligned with murderous dictators, fed the fire of racism and hate and belittled the status of the office with his pettiness. Please join your colleagues in starting the impeachment process. It’s long overdue. We’re waiting for some leadership in the government.

Is money really the only important thing to you people? Clearly, that’s true for the horror in the White House, but I’m still holding out hope for my elected officials that someone has a heart, a soul, and a conscience. What about the animals? Do they deserve no respect for their part in our ecosystem? Please do something to reverse the potential danger of the reckless abandonment of the endangered animal act. Everyone is watching.

Immediately after the recess, I would like to see broad steps taken around gun control. Please see that regulations include broad background checks, prohibiting assault weapons, and no sales to the mentally ill or those who have committed domestic violence.

Where are all the children? Are they being well cared for? Are they back with their parents? Are the parents being treated with dignity and respect? Do they have soap, water, toothbrushes, and food? I haven’t heard that these human rights violations have been corrected and I wait in shame for someone to do something about this. Will you help or will you be a part of the problem?

What do you think about the bully in the White House using politics against USA citizens and your colleagues? Does it not cause any alarm? Please join others to get this man impeached before irreparable harm has been done to our democracy. The whole world is watching in horror and you all are doing nothing. Stop the madness now!

What’s being done to see that our future elections are fair, all citizens can vote, and other countries are not tempering with them? It’s clear from our own internal agencies that outside meddling has occurred and is being planned. What are you doing to see that it doesn’t happen again?

These are only a few. There is never a loss for something to write about unfortunately, the hardest decision is which one to tackle today. Since all of the Tennessee congressional representatives are republican, I feel like I’m swimming upstream, but I won’t stand by and just watch. I send something every single day. What are you doing?

So excuse me if I’m absent here. Maybe my words are wasted but it sure makes me feel just a little bit better to know I’m voicing my opinion and trying to do something.

I’m feeling better about getting some of this off my chest both to the actual people who could directly do something about it and to you my faithful readers. I hope I sparked something in you to join me in this letter-writing campaign. I hope to see you back here with something more positive and apolitical before too long.



  1. Pro tip: Calling your Congressman and both your Senators on the phone is more effective than emailing them. It’s their staff that reads and responds to messages anyway, not the Representative or Senator themselves. A phone ringing off the hook is a lot harder to ignore than an inbox with a lot of emails.
    (I assume your letters are emails because mailing a letter from Morocco to the US can take at least 10 days to arrive, sometimes it arrives a month later)

    Unfortunately, it won’t really change anything because TN is a deep red state, so they are not going to do anything against a Republican President. We’ve seen this before, when torture and wars kept going on under the Bush administration. Nothing really changed, until his term in office expired. Even if TN were a blue state, it still wouldn’t change anything because the Senate and White House are under Republican control so they will keep doing what they want as long as they remain in office. It’s sad but it’s just how it is.

    • Karen Mills Reply

      For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing. Simon Wiesenthal
      Yes, they are “only” emails, and yes a phone call might be better, and yes nothing will probably change right now, but I go to bed with a less heavy heart and a clear conscience knowing that even from thousands of miles away, I did something. Maybe if everyone did, something would change. Who knows?

  2. I agree with you on the merits. The political situation is awful. Great injustices are being committed. But as a practical matter, the letters don’t change anything at all. You have a couple of low level interns reading the inbox, and occasionally responding with a copy-paste, cookie cutter response. The actual Congressman or Senator does not read the messages, and even if they did they are not going to do anything about it. The only thing you can really do is wait until January 21, 2021 when maybe a new President is sworn in. But that will depend on voters from swing states like Florida, Wisconsin, or Arizona, not Tennessee where Trump will win easily.

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